St. Mary's is the main island in Scilly and the majority of the population reside on St. Mary's. Hugh Town is the main town, which has a collection of shops, pubs and restaurants, museums and craft facilities can be found.

The main harbour is also at Hugh Town, where the Scillonian Ferry docks. It is also a very colourful area as there are many boats anchored and there is often a great deal of activity during the day.

There are many bays and beaches to enjoy such as Porthcressa, Harbour, Porthmellon, and Porthloo.

There are nature trails and walks from Hugh Town and Old Town, such as the Garrison Walk around Star Castle, Peninnis Walk to the lighthouse, and from Old Town around Porth Hellic Bay.

St. Mary's offers many activities and events throughout the year, including gig racing from the harbour, so it is an excellent base to plan your holiday.

As the island has several fresh water lakes, it is very popular with bird watchers throughout the year, but in particularly in late summer and also during the bird migration.