Terms & conditions

Booking Conditions

1) Holiday Rental Contracts are self-catering holidays lettings for 4 days to 28 days. The contract is
     obligatory once the booking form and 30% deposit has been received and acknowledged.

2) The property is available for four people and equipped for families and couples. All occupants must be
     recorded on the booking form at the time of making the booking. We reserve the right to review the
     suitability of the apartment to guests for whom the apartment and location may be unsuitable.

3) The property is occupied solely for the purposes of your holiday and by the number of guests recorded
     on your booking form. If amendments to your booking is required, please us 'Contacts' to make
     any variations.

4) Arrivals and Departures

a) The apartment is available from 13.00pm on the day of arrival.

b) Departure is from 9.30am on the day of departure.

Please advise if any variations are necessary.

5) Obligations of guest making the booking on the Booking Form.

(a) On departure, the apartment must be left in the same condition and repair as at the time of arrival.

(b) You are required to leave the property clean and tidy on departure including all fixtures and equipment.

(c) Additional charges will be made for cleaning if necessary from your security deposit.

(d) Additional charges will be made for damage or equipment replacement, which will be deducted from
      your security deposit and the guests will be required to reimburse any additional costs for
     damage or loss upon written demand.

(e) Guests must not cause nuisance or annoyance to other guests in nearby apartments, including excess
      noise during the evening and night time.

(f) Guests must allow access to the apartment by Mrs T. Badcock the local representative and manager at
     reasonable times to deal with inspection, repairs and replacements.

(g) Guests may not be allowed to continue their occupation as a result of unreasonable behaviour, which
      includes damage or nuisance to other parties. This agreement will be terminated forthwith and
      the guest remains liable in full for the full booking fee and no refund will be made.

(h) Smoking and Pets: We regret no pets are allowed and smoking is not permitted on the premises.

6) Our Rights and Complaints

a) Mrs Tracey Badcock, the local representative and manager, must be allowed access to the property to
    deal with inspection, repairs and replacements or other matters arising, at reasonable times
    or by request.

b) In the event of any or complaints or problems, please advise Mrs Tracey Badcock at the holiday location,
     or write, telephone or email as per 'Contacts' on the website, and we will make every effort to resolve
     the issue.